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RJ45 crystal head transparent yellow

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RJ45 crystal head transparent yellow

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E115  8P4C transparent yellow

RJ45 connector, also known as crystal head RJ45 (RJ45 Modular Plug), for data cable termination, to achieve equipment, patch panels and connection module asked to change. To RJ45 crystal head requires a good conductive properties; trigeminal reed contacts gold-plated thickness of 50μm, to meet transmission over Category 5 compliant, T568A and T568B wire order; preventing loose plug, self-locking function.

RJ45 plugs are copper cabling standard connector, and it sockets (RJ45 module) together form a complete connector unit. These two components consisting of the connector between the wires, the wires in order to achieve electrical continuity. It is also integrated wiring technology jumpers finished in a component, RJ45 crystal head is usually connected to both ends of the twisted pair cable. In the specification of cabling design and installation, and the accessories are usually not listed separately, which is not in favor of the user's own work to complete the connection of twisted pair and RJ45 plug.

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