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RJ45 crystal head

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RJ45 crystal head

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  • Release date:2016/07/19
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E112  8P2C(4.5PIN)

Crystal Head is a fixed direction and can only be inserted automatically prevent shedding of plastic connectors, jargon for the RJ-45 connector, each twisted pair is connected with two network cards and hubs through the installation. Twisted pair must be installed at both ends of this crystal head, in order to plug in cards, hubs or switches crystal head, network communications.

Standard practice

568A standard: white and green, green, white and orange, blue, white, blue, orange, white and brown, brown

568B standard: white orange, orange, white and green, blue, white, blue, green, white brown, brown

When do crystal head, crystal head of shrapnel so outward, into the mouth down the line, from left to right, following the above line order, fully insert wire, and then click the folder, it can.

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