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Automotive Connectors mold 3D custom made

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Automotive Connectors mold 3D custom made

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  • Release date:2016/07/20
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Automotive Connectors competitiveness of the manufacturing technology of the product to some extent, depending on the manufacturing process, and continue to develop new manufacturing processes, improving existing production and processing technology, can greatly improve manufacturing efficiency and quality of product support capabilities.

(1) Fine manufacturing process: This process is mainly for spacing small, thin technology, some companies have conducted process research spacing of less than 0.4mm connectors, such technology can ensure that companies meet international peers in the hyperfine manufacturing advanced level .

(2) Light signals and electrical and mechanical structure integrated development technology: This technology can be applied to the electronic components into the audio connector, audio connector joined by IC, LED and other electronic components, so that the audio connector along with the transmission of analog signals and a digital signal functions, to break through the current audio connector in a manner mechanical contacts were conducting transmission design.

(3) Low-temperature low-pressure molding technology: the use of physical and chemical properties of hot melt sealing material, to achieve temperature insulation and other effects, encapsulated wire shielded welding point from external pull, and the package at the DC connector body and having a wire insulation, heat resistance, impact resistance and other effects, to ensure product quality and reliability, the future will continue to develop applications in different products.

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