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Automotive Connectors NTC custom made

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Automotive Connectors NTC custom made

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With the rapid development of automobile industry, the various parts and functions of various parts on the car are constantly intelligent, refinement and reliability of the direction of the car connector design, design and materials proposed higher requirement. Automotive Connectors must meet USCAR-20 standard, which is the performance standard automotive electrical connector systems, the provisions of automotive connectors throughout the life cycle of the electrical connector contact surfaces should always be reliable, including the following factors:

1,A connector contact material is stable and reliable;

2, positive force stable;

3, the current circuit and voltage stability;

4, the temperature should be within the specified range, including ambient temperature and their temperature;

5, robust;

6, must have the same connectors and high-speed long-distance communication with the computer, the car connector must be able to work reliably under harsh conditions;

7, the connector insertion force: 20.5kg or less;

8, the connector retention force: 2.5kg above;

9, heat resistance: -40 ~ 120 ℃.

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