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What is the Precision Automotive Connectors ?

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What is the Precision Automotive Connectors ?

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    Precision Auto connector is a component of electronic engineering technician regular contact. Its role is very simple: in between the circuit is blocked at the barrier or isolated circuits, bridge the communication gap, so that the current flow, the circuit to achieve a predetermined function. Automotive Connectors form and structure is changing its basic structure consists of four main components, namely: contacts, housing (depending on species may be), insulation, annex. Also known in the industry usually do jacket, connectors, molded case.

Precision Automotive Connectors

Shenzhen City Hitt Qi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in precision automotive connector carrying fixtures, plastic, metal, molds, and other design and development, production, sales and technical services company, has a large number of senior professional engineering and technical personnel. Our main products are CAT5, CAT6 crystal head series; UK British phone head, RJ45 PVC jacket and PC; automotive connectors; automated vehicles, fixture; precision plastic manufacturing precision metal products; plastic, metal mold processing.

The company was established in 2002, products are sold worldwide, there are a variety of advanced mold, injection molding, metal stamping, automatic manufacturing equipment and other embedded; multiple high-precision testing equipment.

The company has passed UL, ISO9000 certification, TS16949 certification, the 2016 national high-tech certification. We work and supporting customers: EMERSON,APPLE,THOMSON,SAGEM,SIMENS,FOXCONN,INVENTEC,fOXLINK,D-LINK,HUAWEI,ZTE and other world-renowned enterprises. Looking ahead, the company will be in the "credibility of the first, honesty, innovation, constant pursuit of continuous improvement" business philosophy. Our aim is people-oriented, technological innovation, with the most competitive in the shortest possible time for customers to provide quality products and accurate technical services.

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