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Automotive Connectors (Automotive connectors NTC) electroplating method

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Automotive Connectors (Automotive connectors NTC) electroplating method

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   Corrosive gases, high humidity and intense shaking likely to cause oxidation and fretting corrosion, automotive connectors (Automotive Connectors NTC) also work more because of this failure. These environmental factors have a contact surface of tin and pewter dramatic effect, there is the vast majority of the surface of the connector case in point.

Automotive Connectors NTC

    Generally speaking, the car connector (Automotive NTC connector), it is by way of plating precious metals such as gold or silver, because the oxidation of these metals does not occur. The thickness of these coatings ranging from 0.5μm to 1.27μm. Unfortunately, however, because they contain precious metals and their processing so that this type of plating process expensive, so people as little as possible with this type of plating material. In the automotive connector applications, only about 10% of the use of such metal connection points.

   Human wisdom is infinite, there is a problem, will always find solutions to the problem. A connector manufacturer gives other options for plating solutions (such as pure tin plating, tin - Teflon TinTeflon, NXT and lamination technology), not only to meet the cost of OEM requirements, and products with the same performance . Due to the high standards of car specifications, from the telecommunications market nip terminal technology (connector to the circuit board) were well received.

   Cars'PCB is thinner than PCB used in the telecommunications industry, operating temperature (125oC) and also a lot of high-vibration environment, you want this kind of technology into the automotive systems is not an easy thing. This connection technology brings significant process cost-effective, it is pressed into a lead-free solder to the metal PCB board hole. It is suitable for stringent automotive applications conditions nip terminal has been specially designed to provide upon insertion PCB fully controllable intensity of the resistance and deformation to a minimum to ensure that the PCB interface stable.

    Due to more cost-effective than the wave, combined with a fully automated process, reducing PCB costs, FCI butterfly Solutions (applications and related tools) more and more car manufacturers of all ages. In addition to superior performance (compatible with SMT process and to maintain the integrity of outstanding elements) than because of the risk of thermal shock to PCB and bridging does not exist, it also improves the quality of additional process.

    In addition, there is a method of electroplating car connector. A new plating process, called "NXT" is. Based on the chemical properties of an amorphous nickel, it can provide a very smooth surface of uniform plating, can significantly reduce the thickness of the gold plating (about 80% reduction). In safety-critical applications, this technology can support extremely low signal current.

   However, the multi-pin connector is connected to the plating system presents another challenge. Ergonomic considerations, the insertion force connector should be as small as possible, but with the increase in circuit count, the force required to insert the connector will increase proportionally. However, the electrical properties of each contact are given usually show high contact pressure (usually causing high insertion force), which is to obtain a low insertion force connector is incompatible goals.

    To solve this problem, it develops a new contact surface. Teflon (a Teflon) microparticles in general and identically treated tin bath selectively plated onto the contact surface. Microparticles may be a typical tin-plated terminal insertion force is reduced by more than 40%. This solution allows the connector has more pins, and without the insertion assisting device - enhanced ergonomics and improved stability of the connector. In addition, the measurement shows that when the terminal susceptible to vibration, tin - Teflon (Tin-Teflon) with better anti-friction surface corrosion better than any other tinned contacts.

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