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Advantages and disadvantages of five lines RJ45 crystal head conferencing system

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Advantages and disadvantages of five lines RJ45 crystal head conferencing system

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Advantages and disadvantages of five lines RJ45 crystal head conferencing system   

Internet development makes it increasingly deep awareness network, more and more widely. At present all kinds of electronic products, are looking for an information of the road. Then the connection will inevitably use the product in a computer network is widely used in the five lines. In the AV network cabling, and it seems to have become a trend. We can see a variety of audio and video products in the development of this area. From smart projector to a digital conferencing systems, central control system, and matrix switches and so on to five-line network as its new product development direction. Which triggered a series of questions, discussions between dealers and friends a long time. Below, we conferencing system as an example, look at a few questions:

RJ45 crystal head


1, All-digital conference system whether it possible to use connections to be different? Five cable is fully digital system? The original cable is professional simulation system?

2, What is the advantages of five lines of ?

3, For many years has been the use of professional cable and the introduction of the market?  

First, whether it is original or five lines connecting cable with a professional, is just a connection. Both can transmit digital signals. So we can not use the connection to determine a digital or analog conference system conference system. 

Five-wire connection is widely used, nothing wrong has its advantages.     

Five lines, also known as a twisted pair, is now the most common transmission medium, which consists of two mutually insulated copper wire, typically having a diameter of 1 mm. Two wires are twisted together in order to prevent electromagnetic induction to generate interference signals in neighboring lines. Existing twisted-pair cable typically comprise four twisted pairs. Twisted pair can be applied whether the shield and the metal mesh sleeve area is divided into shielded twisted pair (STP) and unshielded twisted pair (UTP). General computer local area network using unshielded twisted pair only (UTP) can be. If the large amount of data, it is preferable to use shielded twisted pair (STP). Five network cable RJ-45 connector is generally crystal head; maximum transmission distance from the hub 100m. If you want to increase the transmission distance between the two twisted-pair repeater can be installed up to four repeaters can be installed. Such as installing four repeaters to connect five segments, the maximum transmission distance of up to 500m. Five line frequency bandwidth of 100MHz. Frequency bandwidth (MHz) and cable transmitted the data transfer rate (Mbps) is different. Mbps is a measure of the number of lines per unit time transmission of binary bits, MHz is measured by the number of oscillations per unit time in the electric signal line. Twisted Pair Up applied based CMSA / CD (Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Detection, carrier sense multiple access / collision detection) technology, that 10BASE-T (10Mbps) and 100BASE-T (100Mbps) Ethernet (Ethernet) in.

Five lines up to now has not been all conferencing system used by the manufacturers (including some international brands), it also has some disadvantages in the application of this idea.      

It is well known in the computer Ethernet transport current is very weak, most data traffic. According to the provisions of IEEE802.3af, power over Ethernet, the transmission power to each node is limited to 350 mA. Currently conferencing systems on the market are passive, power supply and transmission of data is transmitted in a cable inside. The power conference system generally 100W-200W, power supply voltage of 24V-48V. Then the transfer current is approximately 2A-8A. Far greater than the predetermined IEEE802.3af. So, this is a security risk. Especially as five lines crystal head RJ45 connector, the contact between them is very weak, large currents can easily cause joint damage.

On the connection, it is important to consider than the solid reliability of the cable. RJ45 crystal head unit connected to the convention on the RJ45 modular RJ45 interface simply by opening on a small card that comes with the pin. Use of computer networks so people are very clear connection is not very strong, but on a computer network, a little bit of loose or falling off temporarily harmless. But on the conference system it is not accepted, the connection "hand in hand" type microphone unit, which can lead to loose and fall off all the failures from the unit loose or fall off after the point. Voting system is more serious, more needs solid, safe and reliable.

Based on the above two disadvantages, so there are some conferencing systems manufacturers are still using a dedicated cable. On a wide range of price and the use of cables, special cables less than the five lines, but a dedicated cable is standard at all levels in accordance with the respective vendors are still in use, of course, it is that it has a superior side. For example, Philips "6P special cable" crunch "8PIN special cable," Bella

"8PIN special cable." The transmission rate and transmission frequency, dedicated cable is not worse than five lines. On shielded cables are all dedicated plus shield, no non-shielded cable. Such a dedicated cable, security in the transmission of power is absolutely safe and reliable, tested, and even instant 10A can resist strong currents.

On the connecting cable manufacturers have adopted various professional professional snaps, to strengthen their cable connections, and strive done all the work in a safe, stable and reliable on.

So, five lines and dedicated cable applications in the field of conferencing systems still have their own advantages. We can not arbitrarily whether through the use of five lines to connect to judge the Advanced conferencing system.

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