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E-tech tell you about the knowledge of RJ45 crystal head

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E-tech tell you about the knowledge of RJ45 crystal head

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E-tech tell you about the knowledge of RJ45 crystal head 

RJ45 crystal head

LAN is to separate computer or terminal, using the Internet to connect to each other, to follow certain protocols, information exchange, sharing of resources. Cable commonly used are: twisted pair, coaxial cable, fiber and so on. Twisted pair can be applied whether the shield and the metal mesh sleeve area is divided into shielded twisted pair (STP) and unshielded twisted pair (UTP). From the cost and maintainability, the majority of local area network using unshielded twisted pair (UTP-Unshielded Twisted pair) wiring as a transmission medium to the network.

UPT network cable consists of a length of twisted pair and RJ45 crystal head components. Twisted pair consists of eight very different colors divided into four pairs of twisted wire pairs twisted role is to minimize electromagnetic radiation and external electromagnetic interference. In the EIA / TIA-568 Registration, according to the electrical characteristics of the twisted pair is divided into: three, four, five lines. Network is the most commonly used three lines and five lines, there are six or more.     

Do a good job in the RJ45 socket to RJ45 network cable crystal head access card or HUB and other network equipment. Accordingly RJ45 plugs and sockets are divided into three or five electrical characteristics. RJ45 crystal head by the metal and plastic material, RJ45 network cable Crystal Connector Front produce the desired 8 concave monk, referred to as "SE" (Position).    

Metal contact within the groove a total of eight, called "8C" (Contact, contact), so the industry which has "8P8C" another said. Of particular note is the RJ45 crystal head pin number, when the sheet metal face of our time from left to right pin number is 1--8, serial number for the network connection Philippines is very important, can not be wrong. The maximum transmission distance twisted pair is 100m. If you want to increase the transmission distance between the two twisted-pair repeater can be installed up to four repeaters can be installed. Such as installing four repeaters to connect five segments, the maximum transmission distance of up to 500m.

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