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What are the basic performance of Automotive Connectors NTC?

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What are the basic performance of Automotive Connectors NTC?

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Automotive Connectors NTC effect and the basic performance 

With the development of automobile industry, automobile has become one of the major causes of climate warming and urban pollution. The huge fluctuations in oil prices and the increasing depletion of oil resources, but also lead to profound changes in the countries of the automobile industry, low emissions, less pollution, new energy vehicles gradually become the mainstream automotive market. Rise of hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles, car NTC connector connector has become a new hot spot applications. Automotive NTC connector connector different from the ordinary one important feature is security. In fact, not only cars, in relation to any connected systems, safety is first. Therefore, some security more demanding applications, such as medical electronics, military, testing equipment, petroleum equipment, nuclear industry, industrial automation, communications and other industries, optional connector first consideration is its safety performance. In connection ensures safe and reliable service, the application of the connector have a greater significance.

Automotive Connectors NTC

 What are the performance of Automotive Connectors NTC ?  

1, the mechanical properties on the connectivity, the insertion force is important to mechanical properties. Plug into force insertion and extraction force, the two requirements are different. Maximum insertion force and a predetermined minimum separation force, which indicates that the insertion force is smaller in the relevant standards, while if the separation force is too small, it will affect the reliability of the contact. Another important mechanical properties are the mechanical life of the connector. Mechanical life is actually a durability index, the national standard GB5095 it called the mechanical operation. It is the first time you insert and pull out of a cycle to cycle in the required plug connector can properly fulfill its function as a judge on the basis of the connection. The insertion force connector and mechanical life of the contact with the contact structure and the coating quality parts related to the dimensional accuracy of contact arrangement. 

2, the main electrical performance electrical performance of the connector includes a contact resistance, insulation resistance and dielectric strength.

① contact resistance: high-quality electrical connectors should have a low and stable contact resistance. Connector contact resistance from a few milliohms to tens of milliohms range.

② Insulation resistance: insulation performance indicators to measure the electrical connector between contact and contact with the housing, on the order of several hundred to several thousand megohms megohms range.

③ Dielectric strength: also known as resistance, voltage, dielectric strength is the ability to characterize the tolerance between the connector contacts or contacts with the housing rated test voltage.

④ other electrical properties: attenuation of electromagnetic interference leakage electromagnetic interference shielding effectiveness evaluation connector, EMI leakage attenuation of electromagnetic interference shielding effectiveness evaluation connector, generally in the frequency range of 100MHz ~ 10GHz test. RF coaxial connectors, as well as the characteristic impedance, insertion loss, reflection coefficient, VSWR and other electrical indicators. Since the development of digital technology, in order to connect and transmit high-speed digital pulse signal, the emergence of a new type of connector that is high-speed signal connectors, accordingly, the electrical properties, in addition to the characteristic impedance, but also the emergence of new electrical indicators such as crosstalk lag and so on.

3. Common environmental performance environmental performance including temperature, humidity, vibration and shock.

① Temperature: current connectors maximum operating temperature of 200 ℃, the lowest temperature of -65 ℃. Since the connector is working, the current generates heat at the contact points, a temperature rise, it is generally considered to be equal to the ambient temperature and the temperature rise of the junction and. In some specifications, the connector specified the maximum temperature rise at rated operating current permissible.

② moisture: moisture intrusion will affect the connection h insulation and corrosion of metal parts. Damp heat test conditions for a relative humidity of 90% to 95%, temperature + 40 ± 20 ℃, according to the specified test time, a minimum of 96 hours. Damp heat test is more stringent.

③ salt spray: the connector to work in an environment containing moisture and salt, which metal structure, the contact surface treatment layer may produce galvanic corrosion, affecting the physical and electrical performance of the connector. To evaluate the ability of the electrical connector withstand such an environment, the salt spray test specified. It is suspended in the connector temperature controlled test chamber, the formation of salt spray atmosphere, exposure time is defined by the product specifications, at least 48 hours.

④ vibration and shock resistance to vibration and shock are important properties of an electrical connector, which is testing the robustness of electrical and mechanical structure of the electrical connector contact reliability of the important indicators. In the relevant test methods are clearly defined. Impact test shall be provided that the peak acceleration, and electrical discontinuity of time.

⑤ other environmental performance according to requirements, of the electrical connector as well as other environmental sealing performance, and low pressure. Connector is a component of electronic engineering technician regular contact, our daily life is closely linked with the connector. Automotive connectors, computer connectors, appliance connector, and so on, no connectors, we would not convenient and comfortable life today.

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