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Automotive Connectors (Automotive connector hardware) of the four basic structure

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Automotive Connectors (Automotive connector hardware) of the four basic structure

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Generally we need to use the car has nearly 100 kinds connector types, connector single model used by as many as estimated in the hundreds. As the car safety, environmental protection, comfort, wisdom, and so increasingly high demand, the increasing application of automotive electronics products, which will make the car connector (Auto connector hardware) showing the number of applications in the case of growth .


Basic structure

Automotive Connectors (Automotive connector hardware) of the four basic structural components

First, the contact is complete automotive connector electrically connected to the core function of the part. Usually by the positive and negative contacts contacts contact pair composed by male and female contacts are mated to complete electrical connection.

The positive contact of rigid parts, which shape is cylindrical (round pins), square column (square pin) or flat-shaped (inserts). Positive contacts generally made of brass, phosphor bronze. I.e. negative socket contact, the contact is part of the key, and it relies on the pins inserted in the elastic structure timely elastic deformation force of the elastic contact member into close contact with the positive, to complete the connection. Many types of structures jack, there are cylindrical (split groove, necking), tuning fork, cantilever type (longitudinal slot), folding type (longitudinal slot, 9-shaped), box-shaped (square jack) and hyperboloid wire spring jack and so on.

Second, housing, also known as the shell (shell), automotive connector housings, which provides mechanical protection for the built-in insulation mounting plate and pin, plug and socket plug and provides timely alignment, and then secure the connector to the device.

Third, the insulator, the insulator is also often referred to as Auto connector base (base) or mounting plate (insert), its role is to make contact by location and spacing arrangement needs, and to ensure that the contact between the contact member and the member insulation between the shell. Good insulation resistance, voltage resistance and ease of processing is to select the insulating material into the insulator of the basic requirements.

Fourth, the attachment, the attachment structure attachment points and mounting accessories. Such as a collar, positioning key, pin, guide pin, coupling ring, cable clamps, seals, gaskets and other structural attachments. Installation accessories such as screws, nuts, screws, spring rings. Large attachments have standard parts and common parts.

It is this structure of four basic components of the automobile connector (Auto connector hardware) to act as a bridge, stable operation.

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